Yellow Corn & White Corn

Yellow and white dry corn goods are used in product applications worldwide

Yellow and White Corn Goods

Global Trading can source corn flour, corn meal & corn grits being all dry milled corn products.

Formulated to deliver natural flavor and bright, rich colour, yellow and white dry corn goods are used in product applications worldwide, from breakfast cereals, beer and snack foods, to baked goods and baby foods.

Dry milled corn products include

  • Corn Grits (Flaking, Coarse, Brewers, Snack)
  • Corn Meal (Granulated, Soft Meal/Cones)
  • Corn Flour (Regular, Premium, Viscosity, Pre-gelantinized)
  • Dry milled corn product features

  • Conventionally bred, food-grade, hard-starch hybrids ensure consistent quality and performance.
  • Industry-leading identity preservation standards, protocols and systems mean consistent product characteristics and consumer confidence.

Dried Milled Corn Product Applications

Bakery Beverages - Alcoholic
Bakery Dusting Beer
Muffins Fermentation

Corn Flour Applications

Bakery Convenience Foods
Bakery Dusting Baby Foods
Beverages - Alcoholic Fruits & Vegetables
Beer Jam
Confectionery Toppings

Grits Applications

Beverages - Alcoholic Snacks & Cereal
Beer Breakfast Foods
Fermentation Snacks

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