Precious Metal Trading

Precious metals high value is due to their rarity, being difficult to mine and are appreciated by industries and investors

Precious Metal Trading Around the Globe

Gold, silver, copper, platinum and palladium are well known as being valuable. Their high value is due to their rarity, being difficult to mine and are appreciated by industries and investors. In today’s trading world, it is possible to gain profits from a commodity without having to physically own the metal.

Precious metals also known as rare metals that have desired characteristics with unique beauty are used commonly in jewelry pieces. These metals do not rust or decay, therefore, they can last for many years. Thre are some incredible uses for precious metals. For example silver is used in manufacturing for the creation of solar energy panels, medical and surgical equipment, everyday electronics, cell phones, cameras, mirrors and many other items. Gold is often desired for jewelry, electronics, orthodontics items, since it is pliable and conducts electricity and can merge well with other metals. Popular items such as awards and medals are also made of gold.

One of the top advantages is the easy liquidity provided by precious metals. This keeps the market healthy. Another reason is the ever increasing demand for precious metals. As demand continues to increase it supports gains in price as well. Of course trading in precious metals is a good way to diversify if you typically trade in stocks or currencies.

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Factors Influencing Precious Metal Trading

Several distinct factors come into play when analyzing the prices of precious metals:


  • Can be affected by decline in production and political instability.


  • Mainly comes from jewelry, use in everyday technological products, and for investment purposes.

    Market Volatility

  • Precious metals have often been used as a safe haven investment when markets are unpredictable.

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Precious Metal Types


If gold is the most well known precious metal, silver is easily second. Silver has more industrial uses than gold so it’s valuable as both currency and for its industrious properties.


If there was a ranking on “preciousness” platinum could be considered the most precious of all the precious metals. It’s 15 times rarer than gold and its more ductile than gold, silver or copper.


Related to platinum, both belonging to the elemental category called platinum metal group or PGM. Palladium has some of the same uses as platinum especially with its use in catalytic converters.


Gold is the most well known precious metal for many reasons, but the most noteworthy is its strong ties to global economies throughout history. Used as currency in many countries globally for hundreds of years, makes it inherently valuable and can still be exchanged for fiat currency.

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