About Us at Global Trading

Global Trading, Ltd. is the official mandate of several buyers and sellers

The Heart of Global Trading

Global Trading is the official mandate of several buyers and sellers. At Global Trading we represent suppliers of oil producing countries, refineries and are steadily building our presence in the agricultural sector. All of our suppliers are able to fulfill buyers requirements quickly and responsibly. Global Trading can facilitate the sale of Crude Oil and its fuel derivatives such as Gasoline, D2, ULSD, AGO, Jet Fuel, Mazut, Heavy Fuel Oils, LNG, LPG, and more.

Global Trading has direct access to some of the world’s strongest commodity suppliers, being prepared to deliver product to qualified buyers on time with guarantees and insurance in turn mitigating against potential risk.
Global Trading principles are to provide today's buyers the commodity they are seeking, in the shortest time possible and at the most competitive prices. This is made possible by matching legitimate and financially healthy end-buyers, directly with legitimate Title Holders and Refineries that are capable of providing the desired commodity to our buyers. At Global Trading we represent and are paid by our sellers.

We have the authority to engage transactions on behalf of our sellers. Our task is not only to introduce potential parties to each other but also organise communication between the buyer and seller’s representatives. We will make sure to secure and deliver on-time commodity transactions that meet the requirements and objectives of both, buyer and seller.

Global Trading Can Connect You

At Global Trading we can help you find the right supplier and explore your various finance options available to meet your various needs. We will explain all of the processes and help grow your clients addressing any challenges together.
Please contact us at any time or message us via WhatsApp or Skype.