Gold Trading

Gold is one of the most highly desired and useful metals in the world. Not only can it be beautifully shaped and sculpted, the precious yellow metal conducts electricity and does not tarnish.

Gold Trading Across Industries

The economies of the world have always held gold in high regard, even though some minerals today are more valuable than gold, nothing beats it in versatility, prestige, and aesthetic value. Platinum is rarer and more expensive than gold, but it has fewer industrial uses.

Today, the gold standard is at rest, and no country uses gold and silver as currencies. The precious metal is still ingrained in many facets of our lives as more and more uses were found for industrial and commercial applications. Nearly 80% of mined gold turns into household decorations, watches, and jewelry, but the remaining 20% has a number of other uses.

Electronics manufacturers use gold to create relay contacts, connection strips, and soldered joints because of the mineral’s high conductivity and corrosion-proof properties.

Gold is present in your smartphones, GPS, calculators, and television sets. Also, doctors and dentists use gold for dental fillings, radioactive treatments for cancers, and diagnostic procedures.

Gold is held in huge amounts by government and banks, but is also beyond their control. As an investment, physical gold has little counterparty risk, and gold bars and gold coins are easily exchanged around the world.

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Major Industrial uses of Gold

Gold occupies an important place in our culture and society. Gold is used it to make our most prized objects: wedding rings, olympic medals, jewellery, oscars and many more. Gold is also used in electronics, dentistry and spacecraft.

    Arguably the most important industrial use of gold is in the manufacture of electronics. Gold is a highly efficient conductor, carrying electronic currents and does not corrode. Gold is used in connectors, switch and relay contacts, soldered joints, connecting wires and connection strips. Gold can be found in phones, calculators and most large electronic appliances.

    Aerospace Technology

    Gold is heavily used in aerospace and its technologies. Building aerospace machinery with gold makes it extremely dependable and when travelling into space this is paramount. This is exactly why NASA uses gold in every space vehicle it launches.

    Jewellery and Ornaments

    One reason the lustrous metal is such a popular jewellery choice is because of its malleable properties. Gold can be drawn into wires, hammered into sheets and/or cast into shapes. Pure gold, which is very soft, is known as 24 karat gold. It has to be forged with other metals such as copper, silver and platinum to increase its durability.

Gold is one of the most highly desired and useful metals in the world. Not only can it be beautifully shaped and sculpted, the precious yellow metal conducts electricity and does not tarnish. These qualities make it the metal of choice for the industrial, medical and technology industries.

Other Precious Metal Types


If gold is the most well known precious metal, silver is easily second. Silver has more industrial uses than gold so it’s valuable as both currency and for its industrious properties.


If there was a ranking on “preciousness” platinum could be considered the most precious of all the precious metals. It’s 15 times rarer than gold and its more ductile than gold, silver or copper.


Related to platinum, both belonging to the elemental category called platinum-group metal or PGM. Palladium has some of the same uses as platinum especially with its use in catalytic converters.


Gold is the most well known precious metal for many reasons, but the most noteworthy is its strong ties to global economies throughout history. Used as currency in many countries globally for hundreds of years, makes it inherently valuable and can still be exchanged for fiat currency.

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