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Light Cycle Oilis the diesel boiling range material, which is produced in addition to gas and petrol in the Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit.

Light Cycle Oil & Applications

The worldwide demand for additional transportation fuels is primarily focused on more diesel fuel. The need for more diesel fuel far outpaces gasoline growth.

Light Cycle Oil (LCO) is the diesel boiling range material, which is produced in addition to gas and petrol in the Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit (FCCU). LCO is treated in the diesel hydrotreater (DHT) unit to produce low sulphur environment friendly diesel. However, LCO is a poor diesel fuel blending component without further processing. Upgrading LCO can be achieved in a number of ways, including: hydrotreating, high pressure hydrocracking for full conversion of LCO into naphtha and a more optimised partial conversion hydrocracking process.

The optimised partial conversion hydrocracking process provides an effective and flexible process to process LCO into desired products such as very-low sulphur diesel and high-octane high-aromatics naphtha.

LCO, a by-product of the fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) process in a petroleum refinery, can be used as a blendstock for the production of diesel and jet fuels. Regulatory and operational issues result in need for new and more active catalysts for the deep hydrodesulfurization (HDS) of diesel feedstocks, such as LCO.

Four main catalytic hydro-processing technologies of LCO were investigated in detail under typical pilot-scale operations aiming to provide industrial analysis of oil quality upgrading and to meet the various end-use applications.

It is found that ultra-deep hydrodesulfurization (HDS) technology can effectively remove sulfur and nitrogen, however its performance on the improvement of cetane number and decreasing of density is limited. The property makes it suitable for production of fuel oils.
Maximally improving LCO cetane number (MCI) technology is favorable for producing diesel with high cetane number by partial ring-opening of aromatics without side-chain cleavage. Medium-Pressure Hydro-upgrading (MHUG) technology partially converts LCO into naphtha for production of diesel with low density and high cetane number at medium pressure. Meanwhile, the by-product-heavy naphtha with high potential aromatic content occurs. Moreover, LCO hydrocracking (FD2G) technology employs relatively higher temperature with varied pressure, avoiding thermodynamic limits, to promote the conversion of di- and tri-aromatics into monoaromatics. This technology not only produces high octane number gasoline, but also upgrades the quality of diesel. The industrial analysis here could guide the design and optimization of LCO hydro-processing technology for fuel quality upgrading.

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Other Oil Types


EN590 is the current standard for all automotive diesel fuel sold in the European Union member states. It is published by the European Committee for Standardization and it describes the physical properties of the fuel.

Heavy Fuel Oil

Heavy fuel oil is a residual fuel incurred during the distillation of crude oil. The quality of the residual fuel depends on the quality of the crude oil used in the refinery. A key differentiator of heavy fuel oils is their sulfur content.


Naphtha is produced primarily from the distillation of crude oil and is the intermediate product between the light gases and the heavier kerosene. It can also be a component of natural gas condensates.


As refineries worldwide seek to operate more efficiently and extract more gasoline and other high value fuels from each barrel of crude oil, a solid carbon material known as petcoke is produced.

Light Liquid Paraffin

LLP, Kerosene, or lamp oil is a combustible hydrocarbon liquid which is derived from petroleum. It is widely used as a fuel in aviation as well as households.

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