Global Trading Export Finance Services

Let us help and support you to grow your business through our Export Finance Services

Export Finance Services

Export finance is a quick and easy way to access the funding requirements and support needed to overcome complexities when exporting overseas.
Global Trading Export Finance Services can help with funding and support into new or existing markets. When running a successful business which exports overseas globally, taking on new orders can be a concern where long payment terms may start to effect cashflow. In addition, the impact of fluctuating currency exchange rates can be a concern relating to the expected profits of trade.

Global Trading Export Finance services can help and support you to grow your business through exporting, leaving you to focus on growing your business globally.
Outstanding invoices can be used to gain faster access to funding, before the buyer has even taken delivery of the goods. There is no limit to the funding available for one or multiple customers.

Global trading can also offer support with collecting customer payments, languages, time zones and potential legal challenges that can come with exporting. Guidance can be offered with contracts, export documentation, intercoms and shipping terms from our partners.

Export finance can cover against non-payment of invoices with bad debt protection and credit checks on new customers.

Global Trading can pay you up to 85% of the value of your invoices helping to manage your cashflow.

Challenges such as fluctuations in currency value, political and economic turmoil and doubts related to business partner’s repayment capability surround import trade. However, with import finance, such risks become softened as the funding option either extends immediate payout or assures it.

If you need funds, Finance or Letters of Credit for Global Trade, please do not hesitate to phone us, fill in the enquiry form or message us via WhatsApp or Skype. We can assist you in opening up new avenues and help with unlocking the potential of your company on a global scale.

Global Trading Can Help Unlock New Global Trade Avenues

At Global Trading we can help you with cashflow hurdles, opening up your exports to new avenues globally and meeet your companies growing demands. We will talk you through the process of export financing and guide you through the complexities of the legal process. Please contact us, we are ready to assist you.