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Brown sugar enhances flavour and browning in a wide range of foods and beverages

Granulated Sugar Around the Globe

Global Trading can aquire granulated sugar, a food grade product, which is made by crystallizing a purified and filtered thick juice syrup removed from sugar beets or sugar cane, which is then dried and screened to produce the most popular sugar grades. It is white in color and has sucrose content of not less than 99.85 percent.

This product may be referred to as Fine Granulated Sugar or Extra Fine Granulated Sugar, depending on market location.


Pharmaceuticals, jams, jellies, meats, chewing gum, dairy products, condiments, pickles, bakery products, cereals, liquid sugar, powdered sugar, candies, and powdered drink mixes.

Typical Analysis
Sucrose NLT 99.85%0
Sediment (insoluble or suspended matter) 5 ppm visual
Ash 0.025%
Moisture 0.035%
Color 45 RBU/IU
Invert 0.050%
Sulfite (SO2) < 10 ppm
Impurities (Visual) 2 per 500 grams
Odor Free of Foreign Odor


U.S. Sieve# Maximum
20 2% Cumulative Sum Retained
100 10% Passing


Microbiological Limits
Mesophilic Bacteria 200 cfu/10g max
Yeast 10 cfu/10g max
Mold 10 cfu/10g max

Above parameters cover bulk, bags, and supersacks. Granulated Sugar is available in bulk rail and truck, 50-pound bags, and 2000-pound supersacks.

Nutrient Amount
Calories 400 cal/100 g
Moisture ND
Protein ND
Ash 0.015 g/100 g
Total Carbohydraten 99.9 g/100 g
Complex ND
Sugars 99.9 g/100 g
Total Fat ND
Dietary Fiber ND
Cholesterol ND
Trans Fatty Acid ND
Niacin ND
Riboflavin 0.5mg/100g
Thiamin ND
Vitamin A ND
Vitamin C ND
Calcium ND
Iron ND
Potassium 3.0 mg/100 g
Sodium 1.0 mg/100 g

g = gram, mg = milligram, IU = international units, ND = non-detectable


Bags and supersacks will come palletized with manufacturer's lot number and item number identified. Bags will come stretched wrapped on pallets.

Shelf Life and Storage

Controlled environment and conditions enhance the performance of this product in storage. A cool, dry environment is the recommended storage condition for Granulated Sugar. Sugar stored for extended periods (over 24 months) should be evaluated periodically for fitness of use.

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