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Wheat is one of the world’s most cultivated crops and is the second most produced grain in the world.

Wheat Trading

Wheat is a highly-nutritional and widely-cultivated cereal grain. For over 7 centuries, wheat has been raised and harvested in many countries around the world.

Wheat is one of the world’s most cultivated crops and is the second most produced grain in the world, beaten only by corn. Wheat is also consumed more than any other grain in the world except for rice and provides 20% of the global population’s daily protein intake.

One of the main reasons why wheat is an important dietary staple across so many regions is due to its ability to be produced in many different types of soils and climates.

Different Types of Wheat

There are many different varieties of wheat, each of which has different protein contents and kernel colours.

There are two primary categories: winter wheat and summer wheat, which are classified based on their growing season. They’re then sub-categorised based on hardness, colour, and shape. You can find information on these subcategories in the table below.

The main demand for wheat comes from human consumption. Over two-thirds of wheat produced globally is used as food. It contains many vitamins and minerals which make it a staple food product. It’s used in premium bread making, general purpose bread making, biscuit and cake making, and as animal feed. Wheat also has several alternative uses. The gluten and starch present in wheat make it elastic and able to bind water. This makes wheat useful for products sucha as: paper, pharmaceuticals, adhesives and soaps.

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Types of Wheat

Soft Red Winter Wheat

This type of wheat has baking properties which make it suitable as an ingredient in baked goods like cakes, pastries and cookies.

Hard Red Winter Wheat

Grown in low temperatures and snow-covered regions. High protein content and is used for products like general purpose flour, flatbreads and cereals.

Hard Red Spring Wheat

Hard red spring wheat is produced in hot, dry climates. Gluten characteristics make it a good choice for food like bagels, croissants and pizza.

Soft White Wheat

Soft white wheat and softer than other types of wheat. Low in protein and gluten making it great for more exquisite pastries and cakes and Asian noodles.

Hard White Wheat

Hard white wheat has slightly less protein and is less bitter than hard red wheat. It’s used in softer loaves such as pan loaves. White seed coat is desired for its colour..

Durum Wheat

Durum wheat wheat has more protein than any other type and is used to make pasta. It is the second most cultivated species of wheat

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